digital image, 2011
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Still struggling with this one…and here’s the WIP again 
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their Love is eternal
The Nightmare before Christmas
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some new stuff that was totally rushed and I will fix later
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Give it another, it'll be worth it, trust me. Last January I tried hanging myself - but the noose failed, so I thought I should give life another chance, that day I regretted my decision, that week I regretted my decision. But now I've never been happier. Life has it's ups and downs, everyone's lives have. Please. If you want you can talk to me, anything and everything, I'll listen.

I guess I’ll talk to you if I feel worse but I can’t promise I’ll stop thinking about that date

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"Beethoven was Black."



First of all, let’s get this out of the way: Yes he was. By today’s standards, based on descriptions from people who met him, if you were shown a photograph of the real Beethoven and then asked to guess his race, I guarantee you 99% would say “black.” It’s…

Not to mention that on an episode of Moesha they also stated that he was black ( and the creators of this show did their research to avoid lawsuits and such)

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